The smartphones are part of our life. We are used to being able to do almost everything from our terminals, from seeing the weather tomorrow to making video calls with people thousands of miles away. In this post we talk about interesting and unique mobile apps for Apple and Android systems.

10 Really Curious and Useful Mobile Apps
10 Really Curious and Useful Mobile Apps

If we are interested in expanding the possibilities of our phone and trying curious gadgets, in the mobile app stores we will find alternatives for almost anything. Of course, we must be clear that the mobile application developer. They offer us guarantees of security and operation. Let’s get to know some of them!

10 Really Curious Mobile Apps

Apps for Android

Here we present some of the most curious Android apps available on Google Play.

  • Exclusive for Android. Surely more than once we have looked for parking trying to avoid that the car is in a sunny place. With Comerica, and thanks to the magnetism sensor and the phone’s geolocation, we will be able to know where the shadow is going to be at each hour of the day.
  • Designed for those moments when we go to the movies and have to go to the bathroom. This application makes a synopsis of the part of the movie that we have not been able to see so that we can re-engage without problems, without having to sacrifice our comfort.
  • Sleep Better. Also available for iOS, this app analyzes our sleep, its phases and even how the lunar phases affect us when it comes to resting. Thanks to the information it collects, it can design routines that improve our rest, as well as smart alarms that sound in our light sleep phase, so that we wake up rested.
  • Split wise. Very useful for trips or events we go to with other people. Many times, the payments for the activities are distributed and, in the end, we are not clear who has paid what and if there is someone to pay. With this tool we can control those payments and how much has corresponded to each person. It is also available for Apple devices.
  • Post Box. Google app that allows us to select a time of day in which we want to receive all the notifications (WhatsApp, social networks, digital newspapers …) that we have received on the phone, at the same time. It also has a button to access them whenever we want.

Apps for iOS

If you are a user of the Cupertino terminal, these are some applications for iOS that you may not have known, but that can be really useful:

  • It is an application that tells us how long it will be. And in addition, he advises us which is the most suitable outfit for the weather that he is going to do. It also offers us links to buy garments, in the event that we do not have them.
  • Application similar to Shazam with which you can identify songs, but focused on the art world. Through the camera of our phone, we can take a photo of a work. The app will search its database to give us information about it, including comments, videos, and information about the author. It is also available for Android.
  • It is a book software, but its peculiarity is that the stories are written by users of the app from all over the world, so that you can discover new writers or encourage you to publish your own writings.
  • When the good weather approaches, the beach season begins. With this application you can check if there are jellyfish on the beach you want to go to. Thus, you will avoid the risk of encountering a plague of these annoyingly sting marine animals.
  • Pictures Safe. This software allows us to put a password to our photos, preventing curious people from picking up our phone, as well as organizing them in folders.

New mobile applications appear constantly

This selection is some of the most surprising mobile apps that we can find. New programs appear every day that offer us very varied uses. In addition, they make our smartphone a more useful and complete tool. Therefore, keeping up to date is a complicated task. It is difficult to find a mobile app that has not already been invented. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not create it yourself? At RETROCUBE we offer you applications development with which you can give way to your own needs.


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